Happy Anniversary To … Me?

In the crowded, busy and chaotic world of media messages, some brands are so desperate that they are prepared to stoop to any level in order to get attention. There’s nothing more glaringly obvious or tragic, in my mind, than a … Continue reading

Branding Gets Impersonal – Happy New Year Wishes by A.Person

It seems that the new year is as good a reason to send out an email to one’s database. It’s always interesting to see how and to what extent brands try to use such ”obvious” occasions to generate sales. Some brands are … Continue reading

Black Friday Sales – 8 Urgent Lessons For Brands and Retailers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 have come and gone. If they are cited as two distinct days, de facto, they have almost merged to become at least a long weekend, if not a week-long bonanza. Presumably each brand who participated will now … Continue reading

How to Make Great Email Campaigns for a Luxury Brand?

If the email is the stalwart workhorse of digital marketing, it can be a tricky channel for a luxury brand. How to make great email campaigns that are effective, valuable and desirable in a luxurious manner? I am on the email … Continue reading

How to avoid the pitfalls of a diluted brand strategy in a conglomerate

Driving your brand’s point of difference When you work for a large organization with many sub-brands, where people tend to cycle through brands as part of career advancement, it’s a fact that brand differentiation becomes hard to maintain. As a result, an … Continue reading