Digital Transformation – 5 Things Every Executive Needs To Know

There are a lot of misconceptions about “digital” that certainly make executing a digital transformation programme feel rather titanesque. It doesn’t help that far too many executives have clung on to old communication habits. Some executives can be heard saying … Continue reading

How’s your MX? 8 steps to get the mobile experience right

As organizations continue to zero in on their digital strategy and to build a digital transformation plan, top executives need to make sure that their own Digital IQ is satisfactory in order to make the best decisions. Taking a cue from … Continue reading

Tesco Redcurrant Jelly, Out of the Box Marketing?

Sometimes you come across some of the most unlikely marketing maneuvers, presumably designed as out of the box marketing. A marketing manager’s refrain might be: “just slap NEW onto it” and people will come running! {Click to Tweet!} I recently … Continue reading