When Technology and Content Drive a Quality Music Experience, with Pete Downton @7Digital (MDE197)

Minter Dialogue with Pete Downton This interview is with Pete Downton, Deputy CEO of 7Digital, a publicly traded agency that has a digital music platform with nearly 50 million tracks powering 50 music services around the world. In this podcast, … Continue reading

Interview with Michael Mahemoff, founder of PlayerFM, talking podcasting (MDE110)

Minter Dialogue Episode #110 This interview is with Michael Mahemoff, founder of Player FM, a service designed to help discover, distribute and amplify podcasts. Player FM was highlighted at this year’s Google I/O. Michael is at the epicenter of podcasting. He … Continue reading

How To Beat Obama? Why Executives Need To Change Their Online Personality To Be Digital Influencers

Aside from running the biggest corporation in the world, Barack Obama has proven himself a master of digital marketing.  His 2012 repeat performance showed a seasoned, even more effective approach considering the new scope and breadth of audience available on … Continue reading

Podcasts – Why and how you should get to listening to some podcasts as part of your daily digital regime

Podcasts have evolved from a trendy buzz word into a more mature phase, where you can now find some admirable longstanding podcasts that have withstood the test of time. That said, the podcast as a medium remains somewhat marginal in … Continue reading

INSEAD mobile app – technology helping learning and networking

Networking in the 21st century I am very happy to report that my business school, INSEAD, has taken on social media, podcasting and mobile with great vigor.  Not that I have followed their every action at INSEAD, nor can I … Continue reading