Why I love the iPhone 6 Plus (and it’s not what you are thinking!)

So, have you yet held an iPhone 6 Plus in your hand? Between #bendgate* (BTW you shouldn’t put it in your back pocket anyway because it can easily be swiped from there, just like your wallet) and initial challenges with iOS8, the … Continue reading

Apple brand marketing strategy – What should we really learn from Apple?

There is nothing so tantalizing as looking at the Apple brand marketing strategy and thinking how to learn from them! But, is everything they do, a de facto lesson for other companies? Sure, Apple is the company with the world’s highest … Continue reading

A classic case of misunderstanding the consumer decision journey

Marketing is a tricky place to be.  On the one hand, most marketers in position today were not given the training in school to deal with all the new devices, tools and platforms available today.  There’s social media, mobile, search, … Continue reading

What’s the best iPhone case?

I wonder how many times an iphone is dropped on average? How often do they fall on their sides, front, corner?  How frequently do they break (broken down by sex, age…)? Speaking for myself, I drop my iphone roughly twice … Continue reading

What’s your iPhone name?

No, I am not talking the name you might give your iPhone. I am refering to the way your name gets changed automatically thanks to the spellchecker in iOS. The most common name for me is “Mintal” rather than “Minter.” … Continue reading

How to unlock, download and save NOTES stuck on my iphone? Here’s the solution.

The two-step solution to unlocking your NOTES For well over two years, ever since I transferred over fully to iOS i.e. the iPhone (from the world of the Blackberry) and from Outlook over to gmail, I have had one lingering … Continue reading

Life could be better On – ON Voicefeed Review

ON: a service to help manage your contacts and mobile in a new way… For the past several months, I tried out the service “ON Voicefeed,” which was developed by Orange Vallée, a subsidiary of the Orange Group, in charge … Continue reading

Smartphones – Where are the smart marketers?

Get smart (-phone) marketing As smart as the internet can make you, it is not called the smartnet nor the intellinet.  Meanwhile, mobile phones that connect to the internet are called “smart phones.”  Not sure I subscribe to the title.  … Continue reading

Why Brands Must Get Down And Personal – The World According To Apple

Getting down and personal with your clients and employees is surprisingly foreign for many companies; yet, I maintain that it is going to be an increasingly important element of success for marketers in the future. In this post, I want … Continue reading Continue reading