Traders, Betrayers and Taking Responsibility

Unless you live in a cave, you will have heard that JP Morgan has taken a (minor) hit to its balance sheet as well as its “balanced” management reputation.  As several articles have pointed out (I refer you to the … Continue reading

Women in social media – Why she makes business sense

Every day, it seems that a new social media site is being born.  I don’t think that is an exaggeration.  So, how to make head or tails of each of them? If I were a venture capitalist or perhaps even … Continue reading

Interview with Edwin Metcalf, Rainmaker, financing all things mobile

The world of mobile, viewed by investment bankingEdwin Metcalf is partner at Rainmaker Capital, a boutique investment bank.  Rainmaker represents both sellers and buyers in developing and executing corporate development strategies, with a major focus on enabling technologies at the crossroads … Continue reading