How to Navigate Digital Transformation in 3 Key Steps

Having accompanied a number of senior executives in setting and driving the digital transformation agenda, it strikes me that many people continue to take it from the wrong point of view. Just like BIG DATA is anything and nothing, can … Continue reading

What Place Does Emotion Have In Leadership? The Urgent Case For Leading By Example In Digital Transformation

Executives and business leaders in general are conditioned to be rational. Schools are designed to imbue knowledge. Shareholders pay for performance. Money is counted in numbers. Information is power. And yet… The power of true leadership is run through the … Continue reading

Interview with Marc Wright, Publisher of Simply Communicate for Internal Communications Professional

Minter Dialogue #33 This interview is with Marc Wright, whom I met recently thanks to my upcoming speaking engagement at the IABC conference in Paris (in October).  Based in London, Marc is the founder and publisher of Simply Communicate, which, at … Continue reading