Interesting Site: Social Intelligence HR for hiring and monitoring social media

Your online “CV” could be about to become more visible I have long advocated that your online presence will become your curriculum vitae.  In essence, beyond a Linkedin or Viadeo profile, your participation in social networks, comments on blogs and … Continue reading

Interesting Site: EthicalDeal (Groupon goes Green)

Group buying with a purpose For this week, I thought I would point out a fairly new initiative that is a twist on Groupon.  It is group buying with an ethical flavor: ethicalDeal. As the site explains, ethicalDeal helps you discover … Continue reading

Interesting Site: Who gets through the Great Chinese Firewall?

Friday’s here, time for an #interestingsite Last week, I started this idea that from now on, on Friday’s, I would post an interesting site.  If nothing else, it gets me looking around for new and different concepts out there.  This … Continue reading

Interesting Site: Famecount, social media counter for the stars

Friday’s here! Starting today, Friday I am going to create a new “corner” on The Myndset.  It is going to be a place where I feature an interesting site that caught my attention recently.  I will endeavour to explain why … Continue reading