Getting that customer in the middle of your business – Caleb Storkey brings it home (MDE144)

Minter Dialogue Episode #144 This interview is with the ebullient and passionate Caleb Storkey, who owns and runs Storkey Media, an integrated marketing agency. In this conversation, Caleb and I talk about the challenges that small and big companies face … Continue reading

To influence influencers – the key points of influence marketing

Influence marketing is a rather new field, brought to mainstream marketing thanks to a slew of new technologies and the disintermediation of the internet. One of the components of any advanced marketing program these days is blogger outreach. And, for … Continue reading

Itw with Hank Summy @MRM_McCann talking digital transformation and digital strategies

Minter Dialogue Episode #109 This interview is with Hank Summy, President North America of MRM/McCann’s Global Commerce Practice. In this conversation we talk about how brands are evolving in their digital marketing and mobile strategies, the challenges that brands and … Continue reading

Uniqlo Digital And Social Happening – A Qualified Digitail Experience

In this second post on Uniqlo (read the first post here), I wanted to continue to explore UNIQLO’s digital marketing strategy and how they are finding ways to innovate and stay ahead of the pack. In the first post, I wrote … Continue reading