The Art of Storytelling Via Different Media – Exploring The Last Ring Home

How important would you say storytelling is in your life (personally and/or professionally)? It’s an artform that I’ve been exploring ever since school and I continue to search for recipes, insights, inspiration and… great stories. One of the challenges in this … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Every CEO Needs To Be More Digital….And Have A Strong Digital Presence

“Why should I bother being on social networks?” asked the CEO of a major organization. “It seems like a major waste of my time when I barely have enough time for strategic thinking.” As the social media landscape continues to evolve, it’s … Continue reading

Boost Your Digital Transformation – When The Boss Has More Followers Than The Brand

I recently met a French CEO who blew me away. From the outside, he didn’t exactly look like a digital geek. But, he has an Instagram account that, until recently, had more followers (10K+) than the main Instagram account of … Continue reading

How Best To Identify Influencers? A New Tool For Instagrammers: InfluencerDB Review

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you will know that images and video are all the rage online. Brands are trying to carve out their space — mostly still via their owned (and controlled) media. However, more often than not, … Continue reading

Interview of Jennifer Preston Social Media Editor at NYT

This interview with Jennifer Preston, Social Media Editor at the New York Times, was conducted by my good friend, Olivier Cimelière, who translated and posted it on his fabulous blog Le Blog du Communicant 2.0.  You can find the French … Continue reading

Photos, images and the battle in the Cloud

Dropbox recently invited its 50+ million subscribers (source: Dropbox fact sheet) to upload their photos resident on their mobile devices up into their Dropbox account in the cloud. As an incentive, Dropbox offers up to 3GB of extra memory.  I’ve … Continue reading

Instagram: mobile, social and rich (media). Why the Facebook deal makes sense.

The number of eyebrows raised by the $1 billion price tag paid by Facebook for Instagram is perhaps as much a surprise as the price itself.   The common refrain is  ”What on earth are Facebook thinking, paying so much … Continue reading