The innovation – confidential conundrum : how to foster a dynamic spirit of innovation?

In business, we often have to navigate between opposing forces. Take the need for confidentiality versus the spirit of innovation. There are some things that must be kept under wraps. For example, it might be a secret recipe, a pending … Continue reading

Apple is Beat? Or is real data in the silver lining?

Many people have expressed doubts about the intelligence of Apple purported purchase of Beats Audio for $3.2B. On many points, I would certainly be tempted to agree with the criticism levied at Apple. The naysayers talk about: The price tag is outrageous (Beats … Continue reading

Interview with Greg Verdino on Innovation and Digital Transformation (MDE81)

Minter Dialogue Episode #81 This interview, recorded on October 23, 2013, is with Greg Verdino, author and well-respected digital marketing expert. He comes from Digitas and Crayon (with Joe Jaffe), and most recently EVP Strategy at the Dachis Group, he … Continue reading

Interview With @vincent_ducrey, Co-founder Of The Hub Forum And Hub Institute (mde73)

Minter Dialogue #73 This interview, recorded on Sept 6, 2013, is with Vincent Ducrey, a repeat guest on my show, although previously on the French version of Minter Dialogue. In this podcast, we talk about the upcoming HUB FORUM 2013, 10-11 … Continue reading

Geeky creativity – Why being geek and upping your Digital IQ can spur innovation

Where some management is still hanging on to its guarded precepts and habits (reading good ‘ole fashioned books, sticking to the 4P’s of marketing, management by fear and control…), other businesses are running full head of steam.  Some teams just … Continue reading

Luxury online: a subtle balance between aesthetics, innovation and practicality

The web is wonderful if you are happy to be transparent, collaborative, everywhere, fast, free and fluid.  Moreover, it’s better to have low resolution videos and images for faster load times.  Taken individually and, worse, as a group, these are … Continue reading

Interview with Giles Corbett (@gicorb), Libon from Orange Vallee (MDE61)

Minter Dialogue #61 This interview is with Giles Corbett, a fellow INSEAD alumnus, who runs Libon, as part of the Orange Group. Libon is an innovative OTT service that provides a radically different experience to ordinary voice mail.  For example, … Continue reading

Francis Pisani, Journalist, Author and World Traveler on Innovation (MDE58) cc @FrancisPisani

Minter Dialogue #58 This interview is with Francis Pisani, a truly polyglot esteemed journalist, author and professor from France, who has taught at some of the most established institutions in the world, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Universidad Iberoamericana in … Continue reading

Adrien Henni, East West Digital News co-founder and Chief Editor (MDE54)

Minter Dialogue #54 This interview is with Adrien Henni, co-founder and chief editor of East West Digital News, an English language media focused on the evolving Russian digital market. He is also advisor to FaberNovel, the innovation consultancy out of … Continue reading