Marketing Lessons From Apple [Infographic] – Mystery, Simplicity and Experiences

Which Apple Seeds Grow? Many are the companies that would “die” to be Apple. People often talk about best practices and best in class. However, few ever manage to change materially or actually do anything about it. All the same, Apple … Continue reading

The 7 Archetypes of Twitter Users – Accounts to follow and those to avoid (#Infographic)

With Twitter’s user base eclipsing 550 million, it can be a daunting task — especially for newer users — to find the right people to follow.  Leveraging an article entitled, “Who to follow on Twitter,” also published on Social Media … Continue reading

How to use Digital in Retail? New infographic on “digitail”

 The digital in retail blueprint… As companies continue to construct digital marketing strategies and plans, one area that still remains embryonic is the use of digital in retail.  The question that retailers are asking themselves is how to use digital … Continue reading

Digitail – The State Of Digital In Retail [infographic]

Here is an infographic on the topic of digital in retail, or digitail as Nicolas Bordas (VP TBWA Europe) likes to say. Digitail concerns all digital tools and applications at the point of the sale (in retail). For the purpose … Continue reading

Are We Obsessed With Facebook?

Are you, like many people addicted or obsessed with Facebook? The statistic I like the most about people’s online activity is: “57% of people talk to people more online than they do in real life” …and I tend to believe that … Continue reading