How To Gauge And Boost Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

From everything I hear and read, it’s fair to say that brand marketing teams — at least at major consumer-facing companies — have all now established some kind of influencer marketing strategy. With influencer marketing platforms becoming more mainstream, funds … Continue reading

How Best To Identify Influencers? A New Tool For Instagrammers: InfluencerDB Review

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you will know that images and video are all the rage online. Brands are trying to carve out their space — mostly still via their owned (and controlled) media. However, more often than not, … Continue reading

Why Influencer Marketing Is Strategic for Your Brand

Influencer marketing is definitely becoming a more common topic among marketing teams. It’s still early days, though, and many brands are struggling to find their way. Resistance at the senior management level is frequent, especially since the answer to the difficult ROI question … Continue reading

Engaging Influencers – The Challenge Of “Influencer Marketing”

The world of influencer marketing is evolving… at last. A while back, I had an assignment to conduct a search for new tech influencers around the world. The challenge was titanesque in that I needed to try to find an equal … Continue reading

Brand Authenticity And The Value Of Celebrity Endorsement

What’s your opinion of the celebrity endorsement as a marketing investment? To what extent can an external spokesperson be an authentic representative of a brand?  If your brand has (or more likely wants to “achieve”) authenticity, is it a good … Continue reading

How to identify influencers on social media?

If you want to get your message out, there is nothing like good word of mouth.  But, when the recommendation is out of the mouth of an influencer, that’s word of mouth on steroids.  {Click to Tweet!}  So how, as … Continue reading

How To Beat Obama? Why Executives Need To Change Their Online Personality To Be Digital Influencers

Aside from running the biggest corporation in the world, Barack Obama has proven himself a master of digital marketing.  His 2012 repeat performance showed a seasoned, even more effective approach considering the new scope and breadth of audience available on … Continue reading

Why To Use Influence Measurement Systems Such As Klout, Kred Or Peerindex?

To use or not to use? You know it’s a sad day when 18-year old Justin Bieber (91/100) is said to have more influence than Mick Jagger (whose stones are gathering no moss, as they have just announced two more … Continue reading

Speed dial list of friends

Whose speed dial list are you on? Bouncing off of Seth Godin’s recent post “Who is on your list” (about always maintaining a list of the “important” people in your network), I was inspired by my very dear Friend, Ann … Continue reading