Using social media and crafting the best strategy to drive your business in 2018 with Neal Schaffer (MDE273)

Neal Schaffer is an author of multiple books and one of the more well-known thought leaders in marketing, and especially in social media marketing. In this conversation, we discuss what it takes to build up trust, how to work with … Continue reading

Digital Transformation and The Role of Leadership with Charlene Li, MD at Altimeter (MDE188)

Minter Dialogue Episode #188 This interview is with Charlene Li, principal analyst and MD (and founder) at Altimeter, now part of Prophet. Charlene is a best-selling author, mega influencer on Linkedin, speaker and expert on leadership and business strategy. In … Continue reading

Influence marketing – Online influencers of brands revealed… What should brands be doing with their influencers?

Influence marketing remains a field still a little fuzzy for many leaders, but it continues to grow. As yet, it is a ‘young’ concept in that there is no standard for or even common understanding of influence. There are a … Continue reading

Pierre-Loic Assayag, founder and CEO of Traackr, solution to boost your influence marketing program

Minter Dialogue Episode #128 This interview is Pierre-Loic Assayag, founder and CEO of Traackr, a solution for brands to help find, engage and leverage influencers. In this interview, we talk about the evolution of influence marketing, the challenges of engaging … Continue reading