Luxury Brands – The Online Challenge To Be Upscale

A friend who was writing a dissertation asked me to respond to a few questions on digital marketing for luxury brands. Herewith are the questions and answers I gave. The answer to the question should not be unilateral. First, it depends … Continue reading

Influence marketing – Online influencers of brands revealed… What should brands be doing with their influencers?

Influence marketing remains a field still a little fuzzy for many leaders, but it continues to grow. As yet, it is a ‘young’ concept in that there is no standard for or even common understanding of influence. There are a … Continue reading

Pierre-Loic Assayag, founder and CEO of Traackr, solution to boost your influence marketing program

Minter Dialogue Episode #128 This interview is Pierre-Loic Assayag, founder and CEO of Traackr, a solution for brands to help find, engage and leverage influencers. In this interview, we talk about the evolution of influence marketing, the challenges of engaging … Continue reading

Luxury digital marketing – Interview with Steve Grout, CEO of Tangent Snowball

Minter Dialogue Episode #120 This interview is with Steve Grout, CEO of Tangent Snowball, a digital agency based in the UK with some 115 employees, and specialized in connecting data, technology and creativity with strategy. In this interview, Steve and … Continue reading

Joe Fernandez, CEO Of Klout Influence Measurement And Management (MDE77)

Minter Dialogue Episode #77 This interview, recorded on October 11, 2013, is with Joe Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Klout, a system that helps identify and engage with influencers.  As Joe likes to say, Klout is the standard in online … Continue reading

5 Steps To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are presently considering enhancing your digital marketing strategy, you need to know that the path will likely be tricky (a) if the top brass doesn’t fully endorse and embody digital, (b) the other departments are not involved and … Continue reading

Why To Use Influence Measurement Systems Such As Klout, Kred Or Peerindex?

To use or not to use? You know it’s a sad day when 18-year old Justin Bieber (91/100) is said to have more influence than Mick Jagger (whose stones are gathering no moss, as they have just announced two more … Continue reading