Anupam Mittal, CEO of People Group, founder of Shaadi and Makaan (MDE93)

Minter Dialogue Episode #93 This interview is with Anupam Mittal, serial entrepreneur from Mumbai India, who has been recognised as one of the most influential people in India (as well as in North America) by numerous titles, including BusinessWeek, Business … Continue reading

Interview with Karan Behal, CEO of Pretty Secrets – eCommerce for lingerie in India (MDE90)

Minter Dialogue Episode #90 This interview is with Karan Behal, founder and CEO of Pretty Secrets, an eCommerce site serving India with lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and more. Aside from being part of the burgeoning movement online, Pretty Secrets is quite … Continue reading

Recycled newspapers – Bobo fantasy or true eco-tourism?

On our recent family holidays to Kerala, India, I was struck how several hotels used recycled newspapers. Specifically, I found recycled newspapers being used as bags (for example, for shoes), sanitary bags, envelopes and garbage inserts. The bags were carefully … Continue reading

The Greying of the World – Enough to make you go grey!

Not that it is supposed to be ironic, but below is a grey newspaper clipping with dark grey text, shaded columns and a light grey contour on a white background… Lots of nuances in those greys! Take a look at … Continue reading Continue reading

Beijing Olympics 2008 Medals Recap with Per Population Analysis

The Beijing 2008 Olympics have come to an end today Sunday, August 24th. It is hard to imagine that 303 events are crammed into the past 15 days. The kick-off and finale were works of art (if well ‘orchestrated’ in … Continue reading

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Educational Systems

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Teachers – How to get rid of the bad apples? As much as I would love to continue praising the great teachers in my life, it occurs to me that many countries feel … Continue reading

Comments and Thoughts after Visit to Dubai 2008

OUR VISIT TO DUBAI FOR FAMILY HOLIDAYS Rarely does one get a chance to see a city in the making, especially if you have lived all your life in “old” Europe and/or the East Coast of America. For those in … Continue reading