“It’s a pen I want, not Le pen” #JesuisCharlie

My artistic contribution following the Charlie Hebdo massacre. #JeSuisCharlie BTW The image of the boy on the right was derived from Calvin & Hobbes. See the Gawker story of its origin. The fountain pen is a gorgeous Classic Pens LB2 Kimono Daichi (from … Continue reading

BBC Oops – the irritating rise of websites that… cc @BBCNews

I was intrigued by the BBC OOOPS this morning! The BBC’s front page this morning has an intriguing side story (in the far right column): “OOPS, the irritating rise of websites talking to you like a friend.”  Find it?  Well, … Continue reading

Funny Video: Have Glass, Will Squash. Remi Gaillard the prankster

Not heard of Rémi Gaillard? If so, the chances are that is because you still only believe in mainstream media (MSM), i.e. you watch television, read newspapers and surf only the established sources on line. Rémi happens to be the … Continue reading Continue reading

PowerPoint meets ImpotentPoint

Over the last few days, I have read a number of reports of the horrors of PowerPoint.  It seemed to start with the New York Times article about the illusionary trap of Powerpoint presentations used by US Army ‘intelligence’ which … Continue reading

Seigneurie d’Arse – A Cheeky Wine?

Here’s a wine whose owner did not worry much about the Anglophone buyers.  No further comment. Costs around 4 euros.  From Haut Fitou, Cascastel des Corbieres,  “The Master Wine Growers of Paradise” CONTACT: info@cascastel.com 11360 Cascatel Des Corbières Cascasel Corbieres, … Continue reading

In case you didn’t know about the Woman with the Longest Nails in the World

A woman, named Lee Redmond, with longest nails in the world suffered a bad car accident over the weekend and lost all her nails.  It is hard to imagine, but she had not cut her nails since 1979.  The combined … Continue reading

You Started It! — Fawlty Towers and Wars Declared by US Presidents

You started it! Series 1 Episode 6 – The Germans, Fawlty Towers—————————————-When Sybil is out of action in hospital, Basil is left to cope with his shabby hotel (in Torquay) in her absence. What could go wrong when there’s a … Continue reading

Spamalot Monty Python Review NYC

Spam, spam, spam, bacon & spamalot – internet emails meet On Broadway ? While in New York, my wife and I had a 4th July evening to ourselves (celebrating our independence) and decided to hit Broadway. Our choice: Spamalot at … Continue reading