“Rather draw than withdraw” IamCharlie

  My second contribution to the Charlie Hebdo Massacre. #iamcharlie Iamcharlie To all the cartoonists who bring to life the issues and challenge of our daily existence. Here is my first one: “It’s a pen I want, not Le pen”

Pope Francis leads the mass media to Twitter and the world follows

The seesmic worldwide movement — dare I say mass media — on Twitter after the announcement of Pope Francis I provoked over 7 million tweets (on the first day alone) per Mashable. The Pope’s twitter account, @pontifex, has just over … Continue reading

Who’s on first? Is client centric truly desirable?

Is your team on board with your client centric strategy?Who’s on first? I love this old line from Abbott & Costello (see the absolutely hilarious 1945 video below) and made famous around the world by Tom Hank in Forest Gump. … Continue reading

Funny Video: Have Glass, Will Squash. Remi Gaillard the prankster

Not heard of Rémi Gaillard? If so, the chances are that is because you still only believe in mainstream media (MSM), i.e. you watch television, read newspapers and surf only the established sources on line. Rémi happens to be the … Continue reading Continue reading

Spamalot Monty Python Review NYC

Spam, spam, spam, bacon & spamalot – internet emails meet On Broadway ? While in New York, my wife and I had a 4th July evening to ourselves (celebrating our independence) and decided to hit Broadway. Our choice: Spamalot at … Continue reading