How To Divorce An Influencer? Sunsetting Your Influencer Marketing Programme

Marketers everywhere are now getting on the Influencer Marketing (IM) bandwagon. However, many (most) brands are still stumbling along in the process, giving little attention, providing small budgets and handing it off to the intern or maybe an agency to manage. … Continue reading

Michael Molinaro Is Helping Bring Digital transformation to Barclays Bank via HR (MDE175)

Minter Dialogue Episode #175 This interview is with Michael Molinaro, COO for Human Resources & HR Transformation Lead at Barclays Bank. Michael, who was a speaker at HR Tech World 2015, leads the HR Technology function, taking Barclays HR into … Continue reading

How HR At Jaguar Land Rover Helps Drive Innovation With Matt Anderson (MDE173)

Minter Dialogue Episode #173 This interview is with Matt Anderson, HR strategy manager at Jaguar Land Rover. After speaking at the HR Tech World 2015 conference, I caught up with Matt to discuss how Jaguar Land Rover approaches innovation from … Continue reading

Driving Online Recruitment – How To Improve Your HR’s Online Efficiency with Jonny Campbell @SocialTalent (MDE170)

Minter Dialogue Episode #170 This interview is with Jonny Campbell, founder and CEO of Social Talent, a fast-growing agency based in Dublin that provides specialised training for HR personnel to improve their online recruitment efforts. Jonny was the masterful emcee … Continue reading

8 Most Importants Levers for Successful Elearning and Embedding Effectively into Your Organization

I have heard many an HR executive fret about how to make the company’s eLearning platform more effective. One of the key issues is figuring out to embed the habit of learning online into the organization. There are a number of obstacles that … Continue reading

The war for digital talent – a critical battleground 

I am regularly asked by people in large organizations whether I know of “great” digital talent for hire. The wish list usually includes a series of competencies as well as proven accomplishments. I need someone really good to help drive the … Continue reading

Mikko Eerola, CMO at Idean: A design agency that obsesses about customer experience (MDE139)

Minter Dialogue Episode #139 — This interview is with Mikko Eerola, CMO of Idean, a global design firm, based in Helsinki, Finland. Idean works with the world’s leading companies, helping them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers, through enchanting … Continue reading

3 life lessons and implications for business (MDE123)

Minter Dialogue Episode #123 — This podcast is a little different as my intended guest had an urgency. So, in this podcast, I talk about my three biggest life lessons and the implications I see for business. We’ll be talking … Continue reading

Design mindset – The problem with engineers

In an intense discussion I had with Roy Vella, an expert in mobile, we looked at the keys to successful design. Specifically, we started by talking about the challenges in designing the customer experience. We then went on to explore the … Continue reading

Itw with Celica Thellier – co-founder of ChooseMyCompany, a French improvement on GlassDoor

Minter Dialogue Episode #102 This interview is with Celica Thellier, a friend from my time at L’Oreal, who is now co-founder of a French start-up called Meilleures Entreprises. For those of you who know GlassDoor, it’s in a similar space: … Continue reading