Button Maker? Weather Forecaster? Paperclips? Here’s why companies need to hire different types of profiles

Just recently, I was listening to a quirky podcast on New Books in Technology, with Brian Clegg as guest. Clegg, who has many books and accolades to his name, is the author of a new book, “Big Data: How the Information … Continue reading

Getting To Like You with Jeremy Goldman, CEO of Firebrand Group (MDE204)

Minter Dialogue with Jeremy Goldman This interview is with Jeremy Goldman, founder and CEO of Firebrand Group, a digital branding and marketing consultancy based out of New York. Jeremy is also a two-time author, first with Going Social and now … Continue reading

Creative Hiring – The Guardian Taps Into The Code To Hire

The Guardian are hiring.* If you go to The Guardian’s site and right click anywhere on the page “View Page Source,” you will find a page that opens with the following code: Under the headline, they write: Ever thought about … Continue reading

Driving Online Recruitment – How To Improve Your HR’s Online Efficiency with Jonny Campbell @SocialTalent (MDE170)

Minter Dialogue Episode #170 This interview is with Jonny Campbell, founder and CEO of Social Talent, a fast-growing agency based in Dublin that provides specialised training for HR personnel to improve their online recruitment efforts. Jonny was the masterful emcee … Continue reading

The war for digital talent – a critical battleground 

I am regularly asked by people in large organizations whether I know of “great” digital talent for hire. The wish list usually includes a series of competencies as well as proven accomplishments. I need someone really good to help drive the … Continue reading

Itw with David Goldenberg, CEO of CVTrust for smart diplomas

Minter Dialogue Episode #103 This interview is with David Goldenberg, co-founder and CEO of CVTrust, whose main product, Smart Diploma, provides a way to certify diplomas for educational bodies who sign on. In this interview, we discuss the CVTrust business … Continue reading

Itw with Celica Thellier – co-founder of ChooseMyCompany, a French improvement on GlassDoor

Minter Dialogue Episode #102 This interview is with Celica Thellier, a friend from my time at L’Oreal, who is now co-founder of a French start-up called Meilleures Entreprises. For those of you who know GlassDoor, it’s in a similar space: … Continue reading

Yours Personally Professionally

Facebook’s sweeping success is, in very large part, because it is a hybrid social media, brokering the gap of personal and professional.  The rules of the social media game privilege ‘personal’ communications; and companies that manage to insert personal-ity into … Continue reading

Smoking leads to more sick time at work!

The International Herald Tribune article entitled “Study finds difference in smokers’ sick time” [by Nicholas Bakalar] made for a solemn read for smokers…and businesses (if not HR departments). The study of 14,000 Swedish workers determined that smokers would take off, … Continue reading