J. Crew Gets Personal – CEO Mickey Drexler Shows Personality

Anyone who was on any of the J Crew’s mailing lists, received an unusual email last month that was signed by the CEO, Millard “Mickey” Drexler.* What strikes me about the note was how personal it feels. Granted there is plenty … Continue reading

How to set yourself up for success at your new job

In a fabulous 2008 HBR article, “How Star Women Build Portable Skills,” written by HBS Professor Boris Groysberg, he describes how women (Wall Street analysts) were more likely to ask the tough questions before being hired. Women look at the culture of … Continue reading

Itw With @dorieclark, Author Of Reinventing You, All About Personal Branding (mde64)

Minter Dialogue #64 This interview is with Dorie Clark, whom I met at SXSW2013 thanks to my friend Vince Jordan. Dorie has just released her new book “Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future,” published by the Harvard Business … Continue reading