The Difference Between Branding And Brand Building – Listens From The Vault

In a conversation I had with Employer Brand maestro, Simon Barrow, we talked about the different between employer brand management and employer branding. Similarly, for brands as a whole, there is a radical rift between branding and brand building. The former … Continue reading

David Meerman Scott – Marketing the Moon and the new rules of sales and service (MDE129)

Minter Dialogue Episode #129 — This interview is David Meerman Scott. David is a world renowned author, speaker and strategist on the key topics of sales, marketing and PR. His books include The New Rules of Marketing & PR, now … Continue reading

Speed, trips and whitespace – 3 keys in my pocket

With my deep passion for the Grateful Dead, you would be excused for getting confused by my title (even if you are listening to the music play ♬).  But, in this case, I am thinking of three key critical factors for … Continue reading

Google Social Search Results still in Beta – The quality of your network counts

If you haven’t seen social search in action, you might want to check this out.  Perhaps, you are like most of us who only look at the first 3 results at the top of the Google search results.  However, if … Continue reading Continue reading

Grateful Marketing Lessons : A Dead Show Is Not A Concert, It’s An Experience

“Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead” (Amazon).  Talk about a book that I wish I had written.  As a long time fan of the Dead (“Deadhead”) and a travelling businessman, I feel like my involvement with the Dead very much … Continue reading Continue reading

Great Teachers in my Life

I remember the great teachers in my life as if it were yesterday that I was sitting in their classroom and reveling in the learning. I have been blessed to have had six standout teachers whom I will honour today … Continue reading