Why Would You Pay for Organic Food, But Not When It Comes to Investing Your Money?

Are you someone who pays attention to what you eat? Maybe you even consider yourself a “foodie”? When it comes to grocery shopping, I have learned to be significantly more picky over the years. Certain ingredients are forbidden, like hormone-treated meats; and, … Continue reading

Digital maturity – what does great look like?

In observing how major companies are approaching the question of “digital transformation,” I have identified five levels of digital maturity (going from the basement floor [level 0] rising to the top of Excellence [level 4]). The interesting point about digital maturity is … Continue reading

Digital leadership with Kevin Ryan, Chairman and founder of Gilt, Business Insider and more

Minter Dialogue Episode #118 — This interview is with Kevin Ryan, a serial and highly successful entrepreneur. Kevin is the founder and Chairman of GILT, the luxury flash sale members-only site with over 9 million members, as well as the … Continue reading