Insights and Secrets for Pokemon Go! Marketing Lessons for Business

By now, you’ve surely heard of the Pokemon Go (PG) craze, right? If you haven’t, I suspect that means that (a) you’ve been on holidays in the boondocks, (b) you don’t have kids or (c) perhaps you snub all things … Continue reading

Online Security – 4 Ways to Avoid Being Online And The Drawbacks

I marvel how, in 2016, even in London, I still come across active people (i.e. not retired) who have decided to shun (at least a part of) the Internet. The key underlying issue is, of course, about privacy. No one … Continue reading

Google Alphabet: Spelling Success With Alphabet – Lovable Or Hatable?

I’m still considering Google’s change of name to Alphabet. Yes, I’ve read the explanatory press release and many pundits’ opinions. Yes, I realize that Google has spawned businesses far removed from the familiar search engine/media platform we have come to … Continue reading

The world of news editors – recap from Global Editors Network Summit 2015 #GENSummit

I had the chance to attend the Global Editors Network Summit (2015), held in Barcelona. Founded and run by Bertrand Pecquerie, the GEN is now in its 5th edition and goes from strength to strength. [Full Disclosure: I also emceed the … Continue reading

Only Dead Fish? Listen to Neil Perkin on digital transformation and strategy (MDE146)

Minter Dialogue Episode #146 — This interview is with Neil Perkin, founder of Only Dead Fish, a digital and media consultancy. Among his many achievements and activities, Neil is the co-creator of Fraggl, a brand new Twitter curation app. Working … Continue reading

New: First ever Google store, opens in London

The blurring of the lines between off and online continues (notwithstanding the blurring of the lines between Marvin Gaye and Pharrell Williams). We have seen many examples where URL is meeting IRL. For example, we have seen how NetaPorter and … Continue reading

Google New Year 2015 – ontime real time marketing fail

Are you working on your real-time marketing with your brand? With all the hype around the term of “real time marketing”, I wonder how many brands are actually taking it seriously? Naturally, real-time is just another facet of a marketing … Continue reading

3 keys to effective copywriting – An error by Facebook and why copywriting is an important skill to hone

Effective copywriting is one of the most important skills in this googlized world, in which email remains one of the bastions of (digital) marketing. {Tweet this} Despite having written numerous manuscripts and short stories, blogging for eight years and keeping up a weekly newsletter … Continue reading