– Review of Conde Nast’s New Marketplace Portal

Conde Nast (CN) announced this initiative a year and a half ago and, in early September 2016, finally relaunched, but only as a pilot in the eComm savvy market in the UK. The rollout in the US and rest … Continue reading

Black Friday Sales – 8 Urgent Lessons For Brands and Retailers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 have come and gone. If they are cited as two distinct days, de facto, they have almost merged to become at least a long weekend, if not a week-long bonanza. Presumably each brand who participated will now … Continue reading

Which bonds more: Strong partnerships or a common enemy?

This MasterCard MasterPass full page ad below was on the back of Section A of the Wall Street Journal (US edition) this past Saturday. It really caught my attention for a number of reasons, not least of which is because … Continue reading

Digital leadership with Kevin Ryan, Chairman and founder of Gilt, Business Insider and more

Minter Dialogue Episode #118 — This interview is with Kevin Ryan, a serial and highly successful entrepreneur. Kevin is the founder and Chairman of GILT, the luxury flash sale members-only site with over 9 million members, as well as the … Continue reading

Let’s get digital – Why the human finger points to digital

As abstract as digital might be, there is a distinctly human component to what makes digital work.  Maybe the French have it right when they kabosh the term digital, which literally means “of the finger” in French.  In organizations and … Continue reading

Luxury online: a subtle balance between aesthetics, innovation and practicality

The web is wonderful if you are happy to be transparent, collaborative, everywhere, fast, free and fluid.  Moreover, it’s better to have low resolution videos and images for faster load times.  Taken individually and, worse, as a group, these are … Continue reading

Interview with Kevin Ryan, CEO and founder of Gilt flash sale eCommerce

Minter Dialogue #36 This interview is with Kevin P. Ryan, entrepreneur, business leader and angel investor. As CEO, he helped build DoubleClick basically from scratch into a multi-billion dollar business. Kevin has since gone on to invest in a number … Continue reading