Digital Presence Management – A New Service For Driving Your Retail with Jeff Rohrs, CMO Yext (MDE165)

Minter Dialogue Episode #165 This interview is with Jeff Rohrs, CMO of Yext, the leader in Digital Presence Management (DPM). It’s an extremely interesting space for any business with a physical presence, linking the store with the internet and smartphone. … Continue reading

How To Avoid Showrooming? A Major Concern For Many Stores…

Showrooming – Show me the money “Oh-oh, here comes another whipper-snapper equipped with a smartphone to show up our inefficiencies.” There are a large number of retailers who feel threatened by the showrooming trend.  For those not aware, showrooming is … Continue reading

Why Social Media Goes Wrong

Geo-Loco : More loco than Local I have gradually begun to ween myself off of Foursquare. Gone are the competitive days where I feverishly checked in to see how many points I had won. One of my prouder check-ins was … Continue reading

Google Maps – See the advertising pin on your mobile?

Staying on top So many things are changing around us — especially on the internet where there are those who get different versions, are part of the beta testing or opt out — don’t you agree that it is hard … Continue reading

Foursquare case study at Crowne Plaza – how to make geolocalization work for digital marketers

Have you noticed of late the precipitous falloff of activity on Foursquare?  If you are a user, I’m going to guess that you — like me — have taken the finger off the Foursquare pedal ever since they altered the … Continue reading