In Return For Free Wifi? What Is And What Should Be Allowed In Terms of Value Exchange?

I did a social sign in the other night at the Cumberland Arms and did a double take before authorizing the ”permissions” in exchange for free wifi. Of the four “opt ins” requested, which one gets your hair up most? Update your profile? … Continue reading

Money for nothing and wifi for free… How to monetize wifi?

As the provision of wifi becomes more commonplace in places of commerce (malls, stores, restaurants, clubs, etc.), there are a number of different ways companies are looking to monetize wifi or otherwise gain value out of offering ”free wifi.” These include: … Continue reading

Customer experience – two different consumer journeys featuring BT and Orange

Most futurists or “futurologists” have predicted that access to the Internet will be everywhere. Even if the “Internet of Things” (IoT) may be considered a trendy trending term, the vision of hyper connectivity all the same continues to excite me. However, caveat … Continue reading

Free wifi access in Public – how to make the best user experience

If digitail (digital in retail) is still an embryonic science, it is estimated that around 20-30% of stores in the US now provide free wifi access. For the remainder, reasons why retailers or mall owners (and the like) have not … Continue reading

Message to train companies: Upgrade Digital IQ as Wifi Should No Longer be Optional

Digital IQ Even if the sector in which you work isn’t directly technological, leading managers must walk the talk in terms of technology in order to understand the true digital opportunities out there.  Managers must upgrade their de facto Digital … Continue reading