Wave that [French] flag!

It seems that this week, France has managed to capture the bulk of the headlines in the press in the international section.  And there is a captivating, if not liberating theme! The liberation of the two French France Television journalists, … Continue reading

France loves to strike where you least expect

Got to love this. Pôle Emploi, the agency in charge of dealing with the unemployed (currently riding at 9.7% in France) is going on strike. Not enough resources to go around they claim, and now they are planning job cuts … Continue reading

FEVAD President Francois Momboisse – eCommerce In France

Attended a most interesting INSEAD breakfast presentation last week by François Momboisse, President since 2002 of the FEVAD (the association covering eCommerce and distance selling in France).  François is also head of international digital operations for the FNAC (a leading … Continue reading Continue reading

The Greying of the World – Enough to make you go grey!

Not that it is supposed to be ironic, but below is a grey newspaper clipping with dark grey text, shaded columns and a light grey contour on a white background… Lots of nuances in those greys! Take a look at … Continue reading Continue reading

Coincidence or Purposeful Juxtaposition?

Sometimes, you do have to wonder if IT is on purpose.  I opened the Herald Tribune yesterday (Sept 15, 2010) and, as is my wont, turned to the world news section (page 4).  Below is the spread of the top … Continue reading Continue reading

The French Service Issue : “mal compris”

French Service .  For some, this is an oxymoron.  Some like to say the same thing of American Intelligence.  But as far as French Intelligence is concerned and American Service, we tend to be on the right track! Regarding French … Continue reading

Women’s Day 2010 – The French Equilibrium

In Paris, yesterday, I attended a conference hosted by the MEDEF (the union of employers in France), where the ORSE (Observatory of Societal Responsibility in Enterprises) was promoting among other things the arrival of a new book, « Patrons Papas: paroles de … Continue reading

Smartphone invasion continues … everywhere

A wave of publications on 2009 results show that the smartphone invasion continued at a great and global pace, outstripping the wildest predictions of only a few years ago.  Clearly, the people are voting with their pocket books and a … Continue reading

Momentum Effect by Jean-Claude Larréché (INSEAD)

I attended a presentation last week by Jean-Claude Larréché, famed marketing professor from INSEAD (still teaching there and also was there when I attended in 1993).  Jean-Claude gave a short and punchy overview of the key points of his latest … Continue reading