Foursquare case study at Crowne Plaza – how to make geolocalization work for digital marketers

Have you noticed of late the precipitous falloff of activity on Foursquare?  If you are a user, I’m going to guess that you — like me — have taken the finger off the Foursquare pedal ever since they altered the … Continue reading

Women in social media – Why she makes business sense

Every day, it seems that a new social media site is being born.  I don’t think that is an exaggeration.  So, how to make head or tails of each of them? If I were a venture capitalist or perhaps even … Continue reading

Foursquare – how square are they?

Foursquare – Too square? After a week of heavy usage, I have come to find Foursquare a bit too square.  Here is the story. Over the last year, I became quite a fan of Foursquare (an application that provides you … Continue reading

Interview with Ben Parr, Co-Editor at Mashable US

Highlights of 2010 and Preview of 2011 from Ben Parr Here is a quick interview I caught on the fly with Ben Parr, co-editor of Mashable US, one of the reference sites in new technology in the US.  Ben Parr … Continue reading

Wishlist for 2011?

2011 looks like a fad year… but with potentially many new digital fads. As I look ahead to 2011, it seems like it will be a truly fad year in terms of world events.  It is a “common” year in … Continue reading

Foursquare hits three million

Hopefully, you been paying attention to the ever growing trend of location based social media networks.  There are many vying for our attention–albeit all again heavily weighted to the North American market.  Gowalla (3 million), MyTown from Booyah (3 million … Continue reading