Three things you don’t know about Iceland

Having just spent a few days Iceland, I have reaffirmed the fantastic advantage of travelling to a country to open your mind. With no more than 24 hours on Iceland’s sunny (if cold) shores, I discovered three things I didn’t … Continue reading

Measuring Quality of Life – A review between France and USA

As part of my Franco-American profile, I am naturally drawn to reading about comparisons and competition between France and the US. I came across this May 2009 article, France Beats America, which describes France’s epicurean passion for “living it up” … Continue reading

Seigneurie d’Arse – A Cheeky Wine?

Here’s a wine whose owner did not worry much about the Anglophone buyers.  No further comment. Costs around 4 euros.  From Haut Fitou, Cascastel des Corbieres,  “The Master Wine Growers of Paradise” CONTACT: 11360 Cascatel Des Corbières Cascasel Corbieres, … Continue reading

Starbucks opens eco-store, 50th in France

Starbucks France celebrated last week (July 1st) the opening of its 50th store in the country, with all the Starbucks high brass in attendance.  Located in the Disney Village at Disneyland outside of Paris, this store is the first “eco-responsible” … Continue reading

Permanent Changes arising from the Economic Crisis

Changes? What Changes? The ongoing worldwide economic crisis has created many obvious changes in behaviour, mostly focused on the effects of reduced funds. Whether it is the fear that makes a salaried person “tighten” his or her budget or someone … Continue reading

Coffee Latte Face Art – New Level of Personalized Service

If you think you are getting state-of-the-art in personalized service when Starbucks can offer you a selection with up to 19,000 different varieties, try this one out for size. Mike Keen, who runs a small barista (coffee shop), called Studio … Continue reading