Trust me not marketing. Why some brands continue to lose the plot

Some brands are brought up on a particular style of communication. Type face, Pantone color, size and brand position are all highly regulated across a specific set of formats. Inked in so-called brand charters, these brands insist on a rigidly defined set of … Continue reading

Can a CEO “get” the digital mindset without “being” digital?

Can an executive claim to have a digital mindset and understand how to use and invest in digital tools and applications if he/she is not actively using the digital tools and platforms? This is a profoundly important question for companies engaged … Continue reading

4 keys to creating a winning Digital Marketing Strategy

We can, at last, affirm that Digital Marketing has gone mainstream for all FMCG companies – around the world.  As companies continue to focus in on their digital marketing strategy and investments, the challenge remains integrating and blending the digital … Continue reading