– Review of Conde Nast’s New Marketplace Portal

Conde Nast (CN) announced this initiative a year and a half ago and, in early September 2016, finally relaunched, but only as a pilot in the eComm savvy market in the UK. The rollout in the US and rest … Continue reading

Insights from Nick Wheeler, Owner and Chairman of Charles Tyrwhitt (MDE177)

Minter Dialogue Episode #177 This interview is with Nick Wheeler, founder, owner and Chairman of Charles Tyrwhitt (pronounced Tirrit), the privately held men’s fashion brand, based in London. The story of Charles Tyrwhitt is loaded with great lessons learned and certainly is … Continue reading

Delphine Mousseau – Talking eCommerce Localization For Zalando (MDE159)

This interview is with Delphine Mousseau, VP Markets at the fashion online retailer, Zalando. Delphine, who was on this podcast show back in 2012, is dealing with the complications and localization in 15 European countries. Zalando is a standout German … Continue reading

Business model transformation – Interview with Olivier Gimpel CMO at @3Suisses – a view from inside (MDE121)

Minter Dialogue Episode #121 — This interview is with Olivier Gimpel, CMO of 3Suisses, which is owned by the German Otto Group. Over the last year, 3Suisses, one of the leading catalogue companies in France (also selling in Belgium, Russia, Ukraine … Continue reading

Digitail Fail: One easy thing retailers need to fix as we enhance retail with digital tools

As brands and retailers continue to up their game in stores via digital tools and devices (aka digitail), one can still observe that they are playing catchup with their consumer. It’s easy to tell how uncomfortable a brand is with … Continue reading

BOF – The Business of Fashion – A great business case

BOF is a funny old word. In French, “bof” basically is the equivalent of a verbal, almost indolent, shrug of the shoulders. However, BOF is also the Business of Fashion, a fabulous online resource for anyone in fashion, that was … Continue reading

A Chinese fashion show for dogs… When pure players go offline to catch traffic

During my stay in Shanghai, I was lucky enough to be invited to a very unusual fashion show entitled Glam Dogs, a fashion show for dogs.  Put on by the flash sales site, Glamour Sales China — whose founder and … Continue reading

MDE43: Delphine Mousseau, Ex Tommy.Com, Talking Ecommerce Tips And Tricks

Minter Dialogue #43 This interview is with Delphine (Robiot) Mousseau, a bona fide expert in eCommerce. Delphine has more than a ten-year track record in eCommerce, having been in charge of Tommy Hilfiger’s eCommerce store,, across Europe as well … Continue reading

Influencers – Who and why are they?

This is an excellent brilliant 13-minute documentary called the INFLUENCERS, How trends and creativity become contagious, produced by R&I Creative and directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson. This film is interesting because of the content and interviews that have a … Continue reading

Prada creates “temporary” store in Paris 8e (92 rue Faubourg St Honore)

While Prada renovates its flagship store on rue Faubourg St Honoré, they have created a temporary storefront at 92 rue Faubourg St Honoré, Paris 75008, (previously it was the chic Ariane Dandois art gallery, pictured right courtesy of Google Maps).  … Continue reading