Why Many Executives Fail… Big Time… And What To Do About It?

Big business is under siege. The turnover of senior executives has been following in the paths of the troubled results of so many well known brand names. Daily, I read about executives failing and/or being fired. You see big name … Continue reading

Can Good Parenting Skills Be Transferred To Management?

When I was first asked the question whether parenting skills were transferable to the work place (in terms of management skills), I shrugged off the idea. But, with some further reflection, I think it is entirely appropriate. Maybe it’s about … Continue reading

Catch the wave – The right mindset on how to improve your digital IQ

With regard to the use of social media for your business, have you ever heard someone else say (or thought yourself): ”Why bother?  It probably won’t be around in a couple of years!” To each thought, one can find positive affirmation in … Continue reading