When Is A Mistake Allowed? Managing The Right To Err

One of the mantras you are likely to hear in Silicon Valley is that failure is a natural if not necessary accoutrement on a CV. However, for many people in business — especially with a more traditional mindset — failure … Continue reading

Here’s A Gift You Don’t Want To Receive. @british_airways’ Most Unimpressive Error

British Airways , which as many of you might have followed is NOT on my favorite airline list (see here for how they handled my downgrade), is at it again. Two people in my network wrote me to tell me … Continue reading

BBC Oops – the irritating rise of websites that… cc @BBCNews

I was intrigued by the BBC OOOPS this morning! The BBC’s front page this morning has an intriguing side story (in the far right column): “OOPS, the irritating rise of websites talking to you like a friend.”  Find it?  Well, … Continue reading