Mark Schaefer on Online Branding, Building Trust and the Privacy Battleground (MDE162)

Minter Dialogue Episode #162 This interview is with Mark Schaefer, the globally recognized author, educator and speaker on marketing strategy. Author of 5 best-selling marketing books, including the Tao of Twitter, Return on Influence and, this year, Content Code, Mark … Continue reading

Should you promote Personal Branding at your company? Why branding gets personal

It is far from a unanimous belief that personal branding is a good thing. It can become particularly contentious when it comes to an employee’s personal branding. I have heard of top executives talk about “disloyalty.” Others talk about “outsized” … Continue reading

Mde45: Interview With @odile_roujol, Svp Brand And Communications At Orange France

Minter Dialogue #45 This interview is with Odile Roujol, a friend and ex-colleague from my days at L’Oreal and now SVP, in charge of Brand and Communications for the French telco giant, Orange. Being the delivery mechanism across all our … Continue reading

Hatch, Match and Dispatch – a social media policy brewing

Don’t you wish there were some easy rule of thumb to manage your social media strategy? I had a lovely catch up with Harry, an old friend from school, last week and we discussed the French saying “to live happily, … Continue reading

Social Media Ownership: Does your employer own your network?

You are your ( social ) network The case of Noah Kravitz has hit front page and, rightly so.  If you haven’t heard about it, you should read this article in the New York Times.  In short, Noah Kravitz is … Continue reading

Boosting Your eReputation – A Personal Affair

Why should you build an online presence?Because the risk of not having a strong and consistent identity is growing every day. The risks are multiple and concern pretty much everyone.  Especially for the younger generations, but increasingly a reflex for … Continue reading

Digital Identity Graveyard – remembering to clean up your past

The ghosts of Christmas past… This post is NOT about how to manage people’s online identities after they die, although this is surely a business add-on opportunity for funeral homes.  Rather, I am thinking of the many sites where you … Continue reading

Interesting Site: Social Intelligence HR for hiring and monitoring social media

Your online “CV” could be about to become more visible I have long advocated that your online presence will become your curriculum vitae.  In essence, beyond a Linkedin or Viadeo profile, your participation in social networks, comments on blogs and … Continue reading

Corporate Communications must get more personal

Updating your Communication Style Ok, so a shareholder meeting must generally remain within the codes of tradition and press releases on serious matters must maintain a certain minimum decorum.  However, not all corporate communications must follow the hyper professional and … Continue reading