How To Build And Scale Your Business with Daniel Priestley (MDE228)

Minter Dialogue with Daniel PriestleyDan Priestley is Director and co-founder of DENT GLOBAL, delivering next-level business strategy and technology to entrepreneurial organisations. Dan’s a highly successful entrepreneur, having built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore and the UK. He’s also … Continue reading

Paula Kent Meehan – RIP Mrs Redken

The iconic Paula Kent Meehan passed away June 23, 2014. Most readers of this blog won’t have known who she was. However, I felt the need to share… I was particularly blessed to have had the chance to run REDKEN for … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship – Economist Special Report on Why and How…

The Economist ran a special report (March 14, 2009) on Entrepreneurialism and there were several interesting and important points that I felt like writing about. The 16-page report discusses the state of entrepreneurship around the world. In some regards, the … Continue reading