Find Out About The Success Behind Online Money Pot Leetchi Group with Founder Celine Lazorthes

Minter Dialogue with Celine Lazorthes This interview is with Celine Lazorthes, founder and CEO of Leetchi, a leading online money-pot (group payment) platform, hatched in 2009 in Paris, and now with 6 million active users. Aside from winning many awards, … Continue reading

Gladtrotter Your Own Personal and Personalized Guided Tour (MDE214)

Minter Dialogue with Diane Aubry This interview is with Diane Aubry, a French entrepreneur with a wonderful initiative called Gladtrotter. This is a platform that matches guides with tourists looking for roads less traveled and tours less typical when visiting … Continue reading

How To Drive Your Brand as An Artist and Entrepreneur with Loren Weisman (MDE205)

Minter Dialogue with Loren Weisman This interview is with Loren Weisman, fellow business advisor, speaker, host of the podcast, Wait What Really OK! and author of two books, The Artist’s Guide to Success and Music Business for Dummies. In this … Continue reading

Turning Audio Into Text – Trint, Award-Winning StartUp with CEO Jeffrey Kofman (MDE200)

Minter Dialogue #200 with Jeffrey Kofman This interview is with Jeffrey Kofman, the Emmy award-winning foreign and war correspondent (for coverage of the Libyan revolution and for coverage of 9/11 WTC attacks), who is now CEO and co-founder of a … Continue reading

Driving traffic and editorial content with data, with Leon Ho, Founder of Lifehack (MDE168)

Minter Dialogue Episode #168 This interview is with Leon Ho, the founder of, a site whose purpose is to share beneficial tips for life to its over 20 million monthly visitors. In this podcast, we discuss Lifehack’s business, its community, … Continue reading

Online Marketing Tips and Tricks From Keren Lerner, CEO of Top Left Design (MDE156)

Minter Dialogue Episode #156 This interview is with Keren Lerner, CEO of Top Left Design, a design agency based out of Soho, London. With her deep background in design, Keren brings a refreshing view to online marketing. In this interview, … Continue reading

Rainforest Connection – Topher White uses technology and entrepreneurial spirit for the sake of saving rainforests (MDE136)

Minter Dialogue Episode #136 — This interview is with Topher White, founder and CEO of Rainforest Connection, a not-for-profit initiative that uses entrepreneurial flair and technological know-how to help stop deforestation. Topher recently made a rousing speech at TEDxCern and … Continue reading

Do you suffer from a vendor mindset?

It is a burgeoning reality that businesses need to work faster, better and with greater agility. Big businesses are, for the most part, undergoing a necessary transformation. As part of the “agile” spirit, big companies are needing not only to work … Continue reading

What’s Whichit? A promising new way to heighten engagement (MDE135) – Itw with Jonathan Gan, CEO and Founder

Minter Dialogue Episode #135 — This interview is with Jonathan Gan, founder and CEO of Whichit, a promising new way to heighten engagement. Based in London, Jonathan is a man on a mission. In this podcast, we talk about some … Continue reading

Customer Centric Leadership – Why the CEO should be an active beta user

Perhaps they are (or were) geeks, but I believe Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos’ obsession with being the biggest beta user of new products defined their success and is something of which all top executives — almost no matter the business — … Continue reading