Words are so revealing: Time says it all!

WIth my long-time love of words, especially when it comes to translation, I thought about how the French translate the word “timing.” The word the French use is “delai” or “delay.” How ironic!  Certain words can have such a way … Continue reading

Cars Going Green — Ecomotivation and Eco-Taglines

Cars going on Green? Don’t you find it odd that, in today’s eco-sensitive world, a traffic light has a green light to “go?” Meanwhile, the automotive industry carries the stigma of being one of the most visible causes for global … Continue reading

Social Shopping as part of the Web 2.0 Revolution

In the wake of the social networking onslaught has come the wave of the more overtly commercial social shopping online concept. A combination of social networking and e-commerce, the concept is a consumer-centric version of Amazon, putting the shopper at … Continue reading

Coming of Age – L’Age a Venir

La chaine Arte a passé une émission très intéressante hier soir concernant le vieillissement de l’Europe (sans oublier la Russie où en plus l’espérance de vie est en train de chuter). L’émission projetait la société en 2030. Voir http://www.arte.tv/ Entre … Continue reading