Insights from Nick Wheeler, Owner and Chairman of Charles Tyrwhitt (MDE177)

Minter Dialogue Episode #177 This interview is with Nick Wheeler, founder, owner and Chairman of Charles Tyrwhitt (pronounced Tirrit), the privately held men’s fashion brand, based in London. The story of Charles Tyrwhitt is loaded with great lessons learned and certainly is … Continue reading

Should you promote Personal Branding at your company? Why branding gets personal

It is far from a unanimous belief that personal branding is a good thing. It can become particularly contentious when it comes to an employee’s personal branding. I have heard of top executives talk about “disloyalty.” Others talk about “outsized” … Continue reading

Itw with Celica Thellier – co-founder of ChooseMyCompany, a French improvement on GlassDoor

Minter Dialogue Episode #102 This interview is with Celica Thellier, a friend from my time at L’Oreal, who is now co-founder of a French start-up called Meilleures Entreprises. For those of you who know GlassDoor, it’s in a similar space: … Continue reading

What is your mark? Looking for the miracle beauty cream for your brand culture

Have you ever noticed, when you walk down the street, that you think you can tell the personality of a person by the wrinkles on his or her face?  It seems obvious that the wrinkles caused by smiling or frowning … Continue reading