The Difference Between Branding And Brand Building – Listens From The Vault

In a conversation I had with Employer Brand maestro, Simon Barrow, we talked about the different between employer brand management and employer branding. Similarly, for brands as a whole, there is a radical rift between branding and brand building. The former … Continue reading

Luxury values – How can luxury brands activate their brand internally?

Imagine a luxury brand that we shall call BrandLux. It has been around “Since 1848” and has a loyal, if aging,and sophisticated clientele. Its founder built the company on a slogan, “The Art of Magnificence.” It has values that are etched in … Continue reading

The war for digital talent – a critical battleground 

I am regularly asked by people in large organizations whether I know of “great” digital talent for hire. The wish list usually includes a series of competencies as well as proven accomplishments. I need someone really good to help drive the … Continue reading

Interview with @AlexLuff – Putting people into communications at Corporate Edge

Minter Dialogue #38 This interview is with Alex Luff, Managing Director of Corporate Edge, a branding and communications agency, specialized in B2B, whose mission is to put people at the heart of business communications. Their clients include many big brands … Continue reading