The Brand Illusion – Where has branding gone wrong?

In recent discussions, I have found that there is a good deal of cynicism about the notion of branding. As companies continue to plough head and shoulder into the digital transformation ‘project’, the issue of company culture inevitably becomes front and … Continue reading

Why and how should you go to South by Southwest (aka SXSW)?

There are typically three schools of thought about South by Southwest (aka SXSW): It’s over. It’s over-hyped. It’s passé. It’s a zoo. It’s a waste of time. I also heard “too much ass licking.” This, or words to that effect, … Continue reading

5eCommerce – Putting the 5E’s into eCommerce

Inspired by a comment at a recent workshop, I thought I might apply my 5E’s of marketing into an eCommerce framework.  eCommerce is a difficult business.  The dirty little secret is that most eCommerce sites are not profitable, especially if … Continue reading

What’s the link between creating a learning organization and building a great brand?

If marketing has had to adapt to a new digitally enhanced environment and adopt new tools and terminologies, I think some of the same ingredients to building a great brand can cross over with the creation of a legitimate and … Continue reading

How to make an engaging post: greatest lessons learned from the Obama campaign

Old School Comms For those of us brought up in the old school of “Communications”, we tended to consider a communication tantamount to a broadcast.  ”Get that message out there!” I can hear the echo of some old bosses.  On … Continue reading

Does your story have guts?

Storytelling is all the rage… In a quest for content, brands are looking to create stories to recount (online, in particular).  The catch is that the stories must resonate with their audience and, more pressingly, must ring true for the … Continue reading

Social Search: Getting Personal Is Evermore Important For Brand Marketers

Social value embedded in Search Is it clear for you that social search is for real? As Google and Facebook face off against each other, Microsoft and Facebook are getting all the more “friendly.”  As a result, Social Search is becoming … Continue reading

Grateful Marketing Lessons : A Dead Show Is Not A Concert, It’s An Experience

“Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead” (Amazon).  Talk about a book that I wish I had written.  As a long time fan of the Dead (“Deadhead”) and a travelling businessman, I feel like my involvement with the Dead very much … Continue reading Continue reading

Emotional and Winning Words

Wordsmithing remains a critical talent.   Whether it is crafting the right slogan, snaring a killer title for your email campaign or cutting down to 140 characters the sweetest tweet, the word is [still] in.  If images and videos generally gain … Continue reading

Why Brands Must Get Down And Personal – The World According To Apple

Getting down and personal with your clients and employees is surprisingly foreign for many companies; yet, I maintain that it is going to be an increasingly important element of success for marketers in the future. In this post, I want … Continue reading Continue reading