The Unsubscribe User Experience – The Boss Won’t Ask You This Question…

Email marketing remains one of the main pillars of any normal marketing strategy. It still provides a great Return on Investment considering the cost per communication, even if open rates for mass marketers often toil to get over 2%. Regulations continue … Continue reading

Communication Meltdown – Overcoming One Of The Biggest Ills of Business

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Someone Shared A Dropbox File With You… Is It Dangerous?

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Communication Anxiety – You Are How You Communicate

 After a post I wrote last week about burn out, I was gifted some wonderful comments. They were not comments one might easily publish since, at the end of the day, they represent some of our deepest fears, issues and convictions. … Continue reading

Emotion in Digital. New Study Shows Emotional Power of Emails

In a survey that isn’t exactly quantitative, Indiana University of Bloomington did a survey of 72 people, aged 18 to 34 years old. The purpose of the study was to see the difference in emotional impact between an email and … Continue reading

Best of the Web or Death by Aggregation? Why don’t brands curate the news?

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Roadmap for exiting email hell

Email hell is one of the major plights of any person in business. The nature of it can vary from big corporations to entrepreneurs because of things such as different devices, platforms, firewalls, etc. However, the basic principles of getting … Continue reading