8 Most Importants Levers for Successful Elearning and Embedding Effectively into Your Organization

I have heard many an HR executive fret about how to make the company’s eLearning platform more effective. One of the key issues is figuring out to embed the habit of learning online into the organization. There are a number of obstacles that … Continue reading

Continuous learning – a strategic necessity: Bring back the kid in us all!

If Human Resources — and internal corporate universities — are still busily creating trainings and seminars to help managers to come to grip with the inevitable digital transformation, as Brian Solis likes to say, the real issue is to find … Continue reading

Interview with Dario Cotroneo, Innovator, Entrepreneur and Hairstylist, CEO of DCI Institute

Minter Dialogue #32 This interview is with Dario Cotroneo, someone whom I met back in my L’Oreal days. From the first time I met Dario (2006), I found him to be a true visionary. Aside from being one of the … Continue reading

Kris Sorbie – an innovative mLearning app for hairdressers

For anyone who is interested in mobile learning (aka mLearning), I highly recommend taking a look this wonderful new mobile app.  You don’t need to be a hairdresser to appreciate the quality of the experience. My good friends, Kris Sorbie … Continue reading

mLearning – Zitegeist and learning to love learning again

Tablet Reading: Making Digital Media A Beautiful Experience Sometimes the aha moment comes in mysterious ways.  But this weekend, it dawned on me: I actually prefer to read on my iPad than on my computer, and probably more than a … Continue reading

Stakeholder or Shareholder value? What every CEO needs to do

In search of the CEO Myndset In a world of economic crises, burgeoning competition, regulatory oversight and the revolution that is the Internet, I think it would be fair to say that the role of the CEO is under siege.   … Continue reading

The Future of Learning – How should your company adapt and encourage constant learning?

Learning Organizations: New ways of managing As companies grapple with the effects and opportunities of the Internet, social media and the smartphone, internal organizations are having to adapt and transform to accommodate new ways of communicating, new marketing methods and … Continue reading

Blended marketing. What digital marketing can learn from Education

Blend your Marketing As all corners of the world are being turned upside down by the internet (“no rock unturned”), management and brand marketers are scrambling to adjust. The image that my friend, Thierry, gave me is that of a … Continue reading

MDE17: Interview with ReadSpeaker co-founder, Roy Lindemann

Roy Lindemann is CIO and a co-founder of ReadSpeaker, a great plug-in that enables an audio version of digital text.  Essentially, the service converts text, reading the HTML tagging and punctuation, to provide an audio version that is streamed or downloaded … Continue reading

MDE#15: Barbara Mallinson, CEO and Founder of OBAMI, a robust social network designed specifically for schools

Barbara Mallinson  founded OBAMI, a social network and eLearning platform specifically designed for schools. Barbara is on a mission to bring the best eTools and social networking to teachers and learners.  OBAMI enables the teachers to distribute resources, to allow … Continue reading