MDE#15: Barbara Mallinson, CEO and Founder of OBAMI, a robust social network designed specifically for schools

Barbara Mallinson  founded OBAMI, a social network and eLearning platform specifically designed for schools. Barbara is on a mission to bring the best eTools and social networking to teachers and learners.  OBAMI enables the teachers to distribute resources, to allow … Continue reading

INSEAD mobile app – technology helping learning and networking

Networking in the 21st century I am very happy to report that my business school, INSEAD, has taken on social media, podcasting and mobile with great vigor.  Not that I have followed their every action at INSEAD, nor can I … Continue reading

Great Presentations For Tweeting Digital Media Sound Bytes

A few nights ago, I was asked to deliver a speech at a Media Aces dinner on what makes a great presentation.  Below is a resume of what I said, but the point I wanted to highlight, thanks to a … Continue reading

3 new rules: blended, blended & blended

If location, location, location is still the mantra for real estate, there is one word that seems to define our existence in the new business world, and, specifically, the world of marketeers.  That word is BLENDED.  What does blended mean? … Continue reading

Digital Education for kids: Take responsibility of your online reputation

“Exposed” is a very well crafted 10-minute video, launched just this past February 8th, 2011, that shows the wickedly fast way one’s life can get turned upside down by one unwise action. Out of a seemingly innocent act of sharing … Continue reading

Digital Education – The Internet is learned by living it, not by reading about it

If Facebook has gained 20 million users in France, there are still some people in France who are recalcitrant users, wary of the platform and feel more or less forced to join (6 reasons why not to join!). But, to … Continue reading

The Brand University – How to make a sustainable, successful brand

Transforming your brand into a winning, learning organization This white paper, “The Brand University,” co-written with my ex-colleague and long-time friend, Eric Mellet, was published here by BrandChannel (October 2010).  Alternatively, since it is rather long to read on screen, … Continue reading Continue reading

Plain Training versus Learning & Growing – 7 key guidelines

How often have you attended a training seminar and left thinking “that was great… but was it really worth it?”  In my experience, here is, broadly, what happens in a typical 2-day off-site seminar: Much harried and run down from … Continue reading Continue reading

The Deal With Transparency: The Parent Generation Meets The Trans-Parent Generation (Part I In A Series Of 4 Posts)

Transparency is one of the important buzzwords that has surged into new management and leadership vocabulary and, surely, rightly so. It has, in fact, become such a buzzword that the University of Michigan has put it tops of its 2010 … Continue reading