Digital leadership with Kevin Ryan, Chairman and founder of Gilt, Business Insider and more

Minter Dialogue Episode #118 — This interview is with Kevin Ryan, a serial and highly successful entrepreneur. Kevin is the founder and Chairman of GILT, the luxury flash sale members-only site with over 9 million members, as well as the … Continue reading

Internet Retailing Recap 2014 – Here are the big aha’s

The Internet Retailing Conference 2014, held in Hammersmith and run by Ian Jindal (Editor-in-chief and co-founder with Mark Pigou), was a great event. Now in its 9th edition, it is clearly one of the capital moments in the eBusiness/eCommerce space … Continue reading

Digitail Fail: One easy thing retailers need to fix as we enhance retail with digital tools

As brands and retailers continue to up their game in stores via digital tools and devices (aka digitail), one can still observe that they are playing catchup with their consumer. It’s easy to tell how uncomfortable a brand is with … Continue reading

Are we all in a giant internet shaped crucible? Guest post by Manish Gajria

The power of A and B Any internet/ecommerce product manager worth his or her salt knows that the best way to learn about your customers is to ask them. However, operating in the equivalent of an earth-sized shopping mall with … Continue reading

Anupam Mittal, CEO of People Group, founder of Shaadi and Makaan (MDE93)

Minter Dialogue Episode #93 This interview is with Anupam Mittal, serial entrepreneur from Mumbai India, who has been recognised as one of the most influential people in India (as well as in North America) by numerous titles, including BusinessWeek, Business … Continue reading

Interview with Nicolas Gaudreau – CMO of Yellow Pages Group Canada

Minter Dialogue Episode #92 This interview is with Nicolas Gaudreau, CMO of Yellow Pages Group in Canada. Based in Montreal and a former INSEAD classmate, Nicolas has been at the marketing helm through a most intensive digital transformation. In this … Continue reading

Interview with Karan Behal, CEO of Pretty Secrets – eCommerce for lingerie in India (MDE90)

Minter Dialogue Episode #90 This interview is with Karan Behal, founder and CEO of Pretty Secrets, an eCommerce site serving India with lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and more. Aside from being part of the burgeoning movement online, Pretty Secrets is quite … Continue reading

What’s the Amazon brand? Where’s the Essence? And how can Jeff Bezos be replaced?

Having read the compelling biography on Jeff Bezos, ‘The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” by Brad Stone, I came away believing that Amazon is a long-term short and the main reason pertains to the Amazon Brand. I … Continue reading

What’s Your Deal? What Lies In The Discount Culture

I was struck by an article in the UK Metro daily newspaper headlined, “Discount culture is to blame for M&S woes.”  Three of the major retailers in the UK (Tesco, Morrisons and M&S) announced negative results, despite indications that the … Continue reading

Crashing the Age Gate (of alcohol companies) – Seriously folks

One of the main problems for alcohol companies on the web is getting consumers to get through the age verification process or what is called the ”age gate.”  On the hand, these brands need to comply with the law and to … Continue reading