Uber Disruption – How To Benchmark Your Brand – Corporates Still Lagging Way Behind

Uber is Disruption. It’s almost pure disruption, including in its ethical approach. But, one area of Uber disruption that might have gone below the radar is inside big business. One recent Uber driver gave me a smart insight into how Uber is … Continue reading

Someone Shared A Dropbox File With You… Is It Dangerous?

Everyone’s inbox is stuffed with untold amounts of spammy, scammy and risky emails. As we all continue to struggle to keep up with the communications coming in from all angles, even the most digitally savvy are not immune. Under the … Continue reading

Photos, images and the battle in the Cloud

Dropbox recently invited its 50+ million subscribers (source: Dropbox fact sheet) to upload their photos resident on their mobile devices up into their Dropbox account in the cloud. As an incentive, Dropbox offers up to 3GB of extra memory.  I’ve … Continue reading