Driving Engagement And Experience At Aston Martin with Simon Sproule, CMO (MDE192)

Minter Dialogue with Simon Sproule This interview is with Simon Sproule, CMO at the iconic luxury car company, Aston Martin. In this podcast, we discuss the impact that digital has had on the company and on its marketing. We explore Aston Martin’s recent … Continue reading

Interview with Scott Monty, EVP at SHIFT – talking social and digital strategy implementation (MDE130)

Minter Dialogue Episode #130 This interview is with Scott Monty. Formerly head of social media at Ford Motor Company, where Scott spent 6 years and was instrumental (if not indispensable) in driving the highly successful digital strategy under Alan Mulally’s reign … Continue reading

Leaders: if you are seeking to be customer centric, are you asking the tough questions?

Are you, like many others, trying to become more “customer centric”? If you look inside many corporate boardrooms these days, aside from stressing about next year’s budgets, the C-suite probably has a combination of the following words or phrases in … Continue reading

Digital Transformation via Georges-Edouard Dias @gedias, ex Chief Digital Officer at L’Oreal (MDE117)

Minter Dialogue Episode #117 — This interview is with Georges-Edouard Dias, my former digital sparring partner and ex-CDO at L’Oreal, and now co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Quantstreams Agency, helping big companies master customer data. In this interview, we … Continue reading

Check out what @Sree Sreenivasan is doing as Chief Digital Officer at the Met (MDE116)

Minter Dialogue Episode #116 — This interview is with Sree Sreenivasan (@sree), Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Taking the grand dame of the Met into the new age has been Sree’s journey. In this interview, … Continue reading

The new mobile frontier with Roy Vella (MDE112)

Minter Dialogue Episode #112 This interview is with Roy Vella, a digital expert, consultant and mobile evangelist. Roy is particularly focused on the convergence of online, mobile and financial services. As Roy likes to say, he helps companies ride the #mobilewave. … Continue reading

Design mindset – The problem with engineers

In an intense discussion I had with Roy Vella, an expert in mobile, we looked at the keys to successful design. Specifically, we started by talking about the challenges in designing the customer experience. We then went on to explore the … Continue reading

Meet Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, for brands to understand better the connected customer (MDE111)

Minter Dialogue Episode #111 This interview is with Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, which provides a powerful technology that enables brands to collect data from all sources in order to better understand and connect with their customers. Servicing some of … Continue reading

Do you have an innovation mindset?

Innovation is a word that is used very frequently in business meetings and written with great conviction in annual reports. Innovation is a lofty ambition that can inspire. And, it is considered by many as the single biggest driver of … Continue reading

How to grow your Twitter following?

If you want to know how to grow your Twitter following, I observe that there are five clear methods to do so.  The bad news is that there is no free and easy path, unless you are perhaps already a mega star.  … Continue reading