Pierre-Loic Assayag, founder and CEO of Traackr, solution to boost your influence marketing program

Minter Dialogue Episode #128 This interview is Pierre-Loic Assayag, founder and CEO of Traackr, a solution for brands to help find, engage and leverage influencers. In this interview, we talk about the evolution of influence marketing, the challenges of engaging … Continue reading

Free wifi access in Public – how to make the best user experience

If digitail (digital in retail) is still an embryonic science, it is estimated that around 20-30% of stores in the US now provide free wifi access. For the remainder, reasons why retailers or mall owners (and the like) have not … Continue reading

Meet Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, for brands to understand better the connected customer (MDE111)

Minter Dialogue Episode #111 This interview is with Patrick Salyer, CEO of Gigya, which provides a powerful technology that enables brands to collect data from all sources in order to better understand and connect with their customers. Servicing some of … Continue reading

Social media tips for Small Businesses (SMB/SME)

Finding the time to understand and invest in social media to help drive the business is one of the biggest laments I hear from top executives; even more so for small businesses (SMB). For these smaller companies without an agency of … Continue reading

Is this digital marketing or delusional marketing?

Marketing teams around the world are pushing the digital agenda. The better among them are scratching their heads about the ROI, how to create an effective integrated campaign and where to find the best talent. The answers are far from … Continue reading

Itw with Hank Summy @MRM_McCann talking digital transformation and digital strategies

Minter Dialogue Episode #109 This interview is with Hank Summy, President North America of MRM/McCann’s Global Commerce Practice. In this conversation we talk about how brands are evolving in their digital marketing and mobile strategies, the challenges that brands and … Continue reading

Wifi in store – To do and what not to do

For retail outlets looking to take the digital bulls by the horns, one of the actions I tend to recommend ‘wholesale’ is to offer free wifi in store. For certain types of outlets, wifi should be considered mandatory. At times, … Continue reading

Business Cards For The Digitally Minded: How To Avoid Sending The Wrong Signals

I sometimes marvel at how the business card remains so prevalent in this digitally connected world. The are numerous ways to create and exchange virtual digital cards, via specific apps (e.g. Qikshare), emails with an attached VCF or an aggregated service … Continue reading

Itw with David Goldenberg, CEO of CVTrust for smart diplomas

Minter Dialogue Episode #103 This interview is with David Goldenberg, co-founder and CEO of CVTrust, whose main product, Smart Diploma, provides a way to certify diplomas for educational bodies who sign on. In this interview, we discuss the CVTrust business … Continue reading

Interview With Bjorn Ognibeni, Talking Digital Marketing In Germany

Minter Dialogue Episode #98 This interview is with Bjorn Ognibeni, founder and CEO of Buzzrank.de, a socia media monitoring platform, out of Hamburg Germany. As I like to explore digital marketing around the world, I wanted to chat with Bjorn … Continue reading