What Are The Top Trends And Levers For Your Digital Strategy In 2015?

The year 2015 is now well under way. It is my strong suspicion that many of those carefully worked-on budgets that marketing teams crafted at year-end are already starting to feel a strain. And I have to believe that a … Continue reading

Interview with Ashley Friedlein, CEO of Econsultancy – All about digital transformation (MDE88)

Minter Dialogue Episode #88 This interview is with Ashley Friedlein, CEO and co-founder of Econsultancy, an international research and training group, focused on digital.  With a subscriber base of over 210,000, Econsultancy has a great product with an interesting approach … Continue reading

5 Steps To Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are presently considering enhancing your digital marketing strategy, you need to know that the path will likely be tricky (a) if the top brass doesn’t fully endorse and embody digital, (b) the other departments are not involved and … Continue reading

4 keys to creating a winning Digital Marketing Strategy

We can, at last, affirm that Digital Marketing has gone mainstream for all FMCG companies – around the world.  As companies continue to focus in on their digital marketing strategy and investments, the challenge remains integrating and blending the digital … Continue reading

How to allocate digital marketing budgets? Why executives spend money the wrong way

Digital marketing budgets  and costs are bound to rise.  As mainstream organizations shift their resources into the digital channels, the ipso facto consequence is that costs are going to increase.  Demand will push up prices, especially since there is massive … Continue reading

Digital marketing strategy: Strategic SEO – Give before you Get

When discussing digital marketing strategy, still so often I hear talk about how to acquire fans and views for the cheapest amount.  I tend to find that a misplaced, old-fashioned discourse that will likely create accidents online and even bigger … Continue reading

What every CEO needs to know about Digital Marketing

Groundwork for digital marketing The first things a CEO needs to evaluate, in order to create and apply an effective digital marketing strategy, are threefold: A very clear objective of what he/she wishes to achieve in digital that the company has not previously achieved before … Continue reading

Digital Marketing Rules: two nil!

Two Nil (aka 2-0) as opposed to 2.0? I frequently hear the term Digital Marketing team.  It makes me think that there is still an us versus them kind of mentality inside companies, where management is still not sure who … Continue reading

So many choices! How to choose the right social network?

Which social network to choose? Everyday these days there is the birth of a new social network — not forgetting the birth of the new and powerful addition of Google+, launched a month ago and which now has 20 million … Continue reading

The value of a Facebook friend, ROI and Return on Interactivity

As we continue to debate the Return on Investment (ROI) in the social media space and the profitability of one’s digital marketing strategy, I am betwixt and between: it is a totally normal question that any respectable business person must … Continue reading