How To Run A Senior Management Meeting Effectively #Lifehack

If you are a teacher at university, you are wholly — and daily — aware of the challenge of battling for your students’ attention beyond and behind the invading and invasive digital screens. In a school room, the tragedy of … Continue reading

Digital Etiquette – The Survey Says…

Last week, I conducted a survey and received nearly 200 responses. You can see the first post on the topic here, featuring the results across the 13 questions, each of which tackled a specific “digital” situation. For each question, the … Continue reading

Digital Manners – Stemming the Tide of Poor Habits and Etiquette

It’s true that my peers and I (as well as plenty of those that followed) went to school with any more than (at best) access to a computer. So how is society to self-educate? With parents that haven’t been trained, we are supposed … Continue reading

Why email communication doesn’t work! The key to getting your communications right

Time management has to be one of the biggest issues in today’s business world. Whether it is about “managing” your time or, more philosophically, knowing more precisely what you really want to achieve in your life, people everywhere are struggling … Continue reading