How are you choosing to say goodbye to old tech?

One of the (literally) elephants in the closet is the need to sunset and say good-bye to old tech. Last week, I finally threw out a beloved possession, my very first palm pilot (pictured below). It had two lives (read: … Continue reading

3 keys to reducing EMAIL HELL

Many — if not most — people complain about the overwhelming number of emails they receive. It might be called email hell. In today’s world of multi-channel communications, the issue has worsened considerably and is likely to deteriorate even more. … Continue reading

You have sent mail’ – How to get your personal settings right

Incoming! This battle cry could also sound appropriate for the barrage of ads and communications we receive.  Our lives are polluted by the ‘incoming’ comms.  Pretty much everywhere we go, we are under attack of some or other sollicitation.  This … Continue reading